The Danger of Ignoring Traffic Road Signs

The roadways in the UK have strict traffic rules, which are very often ignored by the drivers. The negligence, most of the times, leads to tragic consequences. It is not uncommon that someone has been killed or seriously injured because a driver has chosen to avoid road signs. It leads to huge medical bills besides the pain that the sufferer goes through. It results in his days of absence and missed wages.

Types of Traffic Signals and Signs

There are numerous stretches of highways, intersections, streets and back roads throughout the UK which are marked with traffic signs and signals. Often crashes take place at intersections due to high traffic volume. Sudden lane changes, vehicles taking turns, changing speed – all these worsen the situation.

Road signs keep the traffic in control. It reduces the number and severity of accidents on roads. Avoiding the signals puts the drivers as well as pedestrians and other drivers at risk.

Drivers have been observed ignoring the construction zone warning signs all over the UK. This leads to fatal accidents in these areas. In the event of an accident, the construction workers also get injured or killed in the accidents besides the harm that the driver himself goes through.

School zone signs warn drivers to slow down near schools. But not every driver takes the sign seriously. A careless driver risks the lives of children, parents, teachers and himself.

Why Drivers Ignore the Road Signs?

The reasons behind it are listed below:


Though it is illegal to drink and drive, it is one of the most common crimes that drivers commit. An intoxicated driver does not care about the signs or does not even notice them, thereby putting others’ lives at risk.

They think nobody is seeing

Most of the UK roads are equipped with CCTV cameras but still the drivers think there is little or no chance of them being caught. This puts others in danger.

Signs seem unnecessary to them

Road signs seem unimportant to many drivers. Road safety involves proper obeying of road signs and traffic signals. Hence, placing it wherever needed is always a good idea. Hire A & S Brown for quality road signs in Murray and also if you are looking for foundations for gas tanks, visit the website for more details.